Build Guide #1 - Premium (0.8mm) 4" Pop Protector

Posted by Shane Birdsall on

Hey Prolectables family 👋

I am writing this guide to demonstrate how to handle the Prolectables Premium 0.8mm protector for our 4" Funko pops. This protector is super thick and has an all-new design, so it made sense to start a series of build guides with this product.


Build Guide:

1) Peel the protective film from all four sides of the protector.

2) Gently fold the box out into the rectangle shape.

3) Gently fold in the bottom tabs. DO NOT fold them in the opposite direction, this is misuse and could cause damage to the protector.

4) Fold the locking tab down and seal the bottom of the box. Push one side in then carefully click the opposite side.

5) Ensure the bottom of the box is flat and that the locking tab is clicked in.

6) Carefully insert your Funko Pop! Vinyl, being sure that it does not get caught on the bottom tab.

7) Once your pop is securely in place fold the top tabs down over the pop. Once again do not fold them the opposite way as this can cause damage to the protector.

8) Lastly, fold the locking tab down and click the lid in place. Push one side in then click the other side in.

For more detailed instructions please refer to the video included within this guide. The video also covers how to open the protector and how to handle pop boxes with flex across the box. 

Happy protecting! 

- Shane 🤘

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